Yesterday Jared MacEachern was revealed as the new bass player for the one and only Machine Head. As Robb Flynn stated, “We really wanted a guy that was hungry for this, someone who could live and breathe this with us. We thought the perfect guy would be someone who’d paid some dues, who had done 9 or 10 crummy van tours, and wasn’t broken by that, but inspired to keep going and play music, and in many ways that was Jared.

Last night Jared took the stage with the metal icons for the first time in Spokane, Washington and put on a show! I talked to a few people who attended the gig and they said the band’s energy was out of this world! As with every Machine Head set, they left it all out there on the stage and I can’t wait to see them on this year’s Mayhem Festival! Thanks to the internet, we have killer footage of the guys performing the classic “Davidian” and you can check it out below! Welcome to Machine “Fucking” Head Jared!

If you missed the band’s full statement on their new member and Jared’s tryout videos, you can watch them here!



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