Jagged Vision Premiere Video For "Betrayer"

You saw it here first!

Jagged Vision Premiere Video For "Betrayer"

Jagged Vision made an indelible mark upon the release of their debut, Harvest Earth, which dropped in 2014 on Kylesa‘s Retro Futurist Records and offered the world a heady dive into their Norwegian stoner metal. Their label chiefs and mentors took them out on the road for a 30-date European tour that continued to spread their gospel, not to mention road jaunts with Orange Goblin, High on Fire and Black Tusk, which further proved the power of their live shows.

Nearly three years since Harvest Earth, Jagged Vision will return with Death is this World, which will be released on February 17, 2017 via underground label Fysisk Format. Like its predecessor, this album was produced by Kylesa‘s Philip Cope, but this also marks a debut of sorts for Jagged Vision version 2.0. Gone are guitarist Daniel Vier and bassist Kato Austrått, and frontman Ole Urke Wik, guitarist Harald Nilsen Lid and drummer Joakim Svela have been joined by guitarist Tommy Jacobsen and bassist Morten Transeth. The songwriting for the album also followed a different course, with this being a full band collaboration as opposed to a album penned by Wik. Finally, as you will hear from the premiere of “Betrayer,” which we are proud to deliver to your earholes, this is a harder, faster Jagged Vision than previously heard.

Put on your headphones, crank up “Betrayer” from the forthcoming Death is this World, and pre-order the album here!