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Along this journey of album reviews, I have been quite taken by the German metal scene and enamored by the power metal genre with all its indulgent intricacies. Iron Savior’s latest album, Reforged – Riding on Fire, is exceptionally good. This is a double album comprised of 19 songs from previous releases that have been re-recorded and updated. Venturing into this band’s music as a “virgin,” if you will, I am rather pleased overall.

After listening to Reforged – Riding on Fire, I delved into some of their previous material starting with their self- titled 1997 album and covering the 20-plus years that they have graced the scene. The sound is definitely higher quality on this release. Piet Sielck’s vocals are smooth with an undeniable grit and determination. The fretwork of both Sielck and Piesel Kustner blast with fiery energy and powerful riffs, worthy of any guitar-god aficionados. With Jan S. Eckert on bass and drummer Thomas Nack, the rhythms are bold.

The lyrical content is in the science fiction realm, and if you scope out their web site, there is a creative story line to their background. If you could mix Hammerfall with Overkill, it would be Iron Savior‘s kickass sound.

Reforged – Riding on Fire is out December 8 on AFM Records. Buy it here!

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Iron Savior - Promo - 2017

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