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Belgian metallers, Iron Mask are back with their new album, Fifth Son of Winterdoom, released this past November via AFM records.

This was my first time hearing Iron Mask and I was very excited to hear what their new album had to offer. When I put on the opening track, Back Into Mystery, at first it didn’t grab my attention but once track #2, Like a Lion In A Cage, came on, I was immediately drawn in and intrigued by what I heard. The rest of the album did not disappoint and I went back to listen to Back Into Mystery again and liked it more and more every time I heard it.

Rock Religion is one of the standout songs on this album. It has a catchy chorus that you will want to listen to over and over again and resonates in your head throughout the day. The title track, Fifth Son of Winterdoom, is a very conceptual song that takes you on an epic journey, while the track, Father Farewell shows the sadness over the loss of guitarist Dushan Petrossi’s father.


Petrossi, who is also a member of the band Magic Kingdom, delivers blistering guitar solos and riffs throughout the whole album that remind me of Yngwie Malmsteen (and he even looks a little like him too). New vocalist Mark Boals, who coincidentally, worked extensively with Yngwie, has a powerful and penetrating voice that shines on this album. The band is rounded out by Vasilli Moltchanov on bass, Andreas Lindhal on keyboards and Ramy Ali on drums.

Overall this album is speedy and uptempo with memorable powermetalish sing along songs and great guitar sounds along with a more catchy sound. While there is a strong Yngwie influence, you can also hear the changeups in the songs that make this album a great listen. If you haven’t yet had a chance to pick up the album, I strongly suggest you do. Their typical neo-classical/power metal sound is a must for fans of this style of music and a great new album for those who have not yet had a chance to hear what this band is offering.

For more on Iron Mask, visit their official website to pick up your copy of Fifth Son of Winterdoom and via their official Facebook page to find out more about the band. Check out their offical video below for track, Rock Religion.