Iron Maiden Makes Their Live Debut In China With Changes To The Set!

Iron Maiden performed for the first time ever in China over the weekend, but with some changes to their set. According to Blabbermouth, China’s Ministry of Culture had to approve their lyrics before they performed, as well as the other changes you see below:

* There were no pyrotechnics used during the show.
* During the performance of “The Trooper”, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson did not wave a Union Jack flag, but, as can be seen in the video below, he still sported the red coat uniform worn by troops during the battle which inspired the song and waved an “invisible” flag while singing the track. In addition, the Union Jack flag was still prominently displayed on the backdrop during MAIDEN’s performance of the song.
* Bruce changed the lyrics to the chorus of the song “Powerslave” from “Tell me why I had to be a Powerslave” to “Tell me why I had to be a Wicker Man.”
* IRON MAIDEN was not allowed to throw stuff (wristbands, drum heads, etc.) into the crowd during the concert.
* Bruce didn’t swear and had to be careful not to use the “F” word.

The band could have cancelled because of these changes, but because they are Iron Maiden, they did not, and they delivered an amazing set for their Chinese fans. Check out footage below!

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