Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast Mobile Game Review

Iron Maiden - Legacy of the Beast Mobile Game Review

I’m about a half a year late on discovering this app but after checking it out I wanted to write about it anyway.  In all fairness I have never reviewed a mobile app before so you’ll have to bear with me as I try to lock down the specifications I think are interesting.  I do play mobile games to pass time, when there is time to pass, and I pay attention to fine details in those games.  So with that in mind, here’s my review of the new Iron Maiden mobile game, “Legacy of the Beast.”

For the sake of this review I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 that is three months old. First things first, holy fuckballs this app is massive and takes forever to download!  The parallax effect on the download screen is interesting for about 5 seconds and the rest of the 5 minutes you need to wait for all the content to download you’re basically sitting around thinking of, “how can I post something about this game? Maybe I’ll write a review?”  So… ya know.

The premise of the storyline is that Eddies soul has been shattered into shards and you need to find them to compile your soul back together.  You travel through different levels that are based around Iron Maiden’s albums and battle characters that kind of fit in with that.  I think it’s a fun idea overall and it’s a fantastic way to engage with the band’s music in a way that I haven’t done before.

When I signed up the app asked me what my name is.  I typed in SkullsNBones and then it modified to be SkullsNBones-0250.  Are there really so many users in this app with the name SkullsNBones that you need to append my username with a number?  It feels like a clunky element to me.  Why bother asking for a name at all if you’re going to make it ugly anyway?

I have to say the opening scene animations are awesome and a lot of the effects throughout the gameplay have really nice graphics.  It’s nice to watch at normal speed and even though you can opt to speed things up, I didn’t.

During the gameplay and especially in the transitions after completing a battle the delay between actions feels too long and makes you wonder if something is wrong with the app.  You get used to this after a little while but it leaves a level of annoyance when you’re simply trying to do the next thing and you know apps generally can handle this kind of thing.

There are all these musical interludes throughout the gameplay which are really fun.  A lot of the music is direct from the recordings and in other instances it’s just a quick little thing that helps with a game element.

Like most games, your hero is severely more powerful than any of your adversaries in the beginning so it’s a bit boring while you learn the gameplay.  In most cases he is able to kill characters with one hit (including bosses) so you don’t get to see how they respond. I didn’t actually lose a character in battle until the area just before the final stage of the first level, and it was the character I hadn’t really levelled up.  This changed of course once I got to the second level and all of the adversaries got a little stronger.

As part of the game you are able to build your own team.  You gather other souls along the way to add to your ‘Book of Souls’ so you can have Allies in battle.  There are many different characters and enhancements that can take place of characters so the gameplay is widely varied.  Right out of the gate they give you a lot of options so the game is very much custom to each player.  You can level up these characters and enhancements in a similar way to your hero.

You can find and equip ‘Talismans’ to help increase the various statistics of your heroes and the other souls you collect.  I’m pretty sure there is a way to combine these and morph them into more powerful talismans but I have not come across that yet.  (there always is in these kinds of games)

Like most games you get extra rewards for logging in daily, for completing challenges and for accomplishing achievements.  For the most part I am not compelled to even look at the achievements because they come when they come and you’ll get your rewards when it lights up.  

Once you secure a new version of Eddie (there are apparently many) you are able to switch between them mid-game which gives you the ability to optimize your different skills against various enemies.  This also makes a little more sense that the first incarnation of Eddie is so weak overall.  With the talismans and power ups it makes so that you should be able to get a lot more powerful over time.

There is an Arena mode that I had not been prompted to explore and I stumbled across it on my own.  The walkthrough features there seemed to be broken and I got nothing out of it but confusion.  I had to go back in to figure it out after it made me exit.  The arena mode is much like any other game so the concept is pretty simple.  You build a defense and other players try to beat you.  The defense in this case is your attack team, being attacked by other players.

The monetization of the app comes in the form of purchasing different packs that can include shards, additional powerups, stars (not sure what they are used for), and obviously gold for spending on various enhancements throughout the game.  It feels quite normal in comparison with other games, the only difference being that the cheapest possible thing you can purchase in the store is one of two packs that cost 19.99 EUR.  I highly doubt anyone is going to break the ice spending that kind of money right out of the gate.  They prompt you later to purchase a pack for 5.99 EUR but honestly at the early stages of the game it doesn’t feel necessary to power up anything.  Your players are so strong and and you can get so far that a pack might not feel necessary until several levels into the game.

For the sake of the review I was only going to go through the first level but as soon as I beat it I thought the game might get more challenging.  The boss at the end of the first level was super-easy but he did kill one of my souls in battle and I actually lost some significant hitpoints.  So I wanted to see what real challenges the game had to offer.  

I received an evolution stone at the end of the first level and I was able to ‘evolve’ Eddie.  When I did this he went from a 1 Star level 20 character, to a 2 star level 1 character with the ability to go up to level 40.  Based on this logic I could easily spend days or weeks trying to get him up to what appears to be the maximum character level which would be an estimate of a 5 star, level 100 character.

The second level was indeed much more challenging and I can see myself playing this game for a few days.  I would recommend the game to players who like turn-based games like this.  The graphics are nice and the premise is around an iconic metal band which makes it feel more like something that was built for me.  I don’t review games so I won’t provide a star rating or anything like that.  I will just say that Iron Maiden’s, “Legacy of the Beast” mobile app is SkullsNBones approved!  

For more info on the game head over to the official website:

  1. Rhiannon Reyes 8 months ago

    Great review; especially good to know about the payment and leveling structure. Not sure that I would find it interesting for more than a week, after the novelty of playing a game based around a metal band wears off, but those screens are surprisingly sexy! Looks like they kind of went with the fun style from Brutal Legend.

    • Author
      Sam Roon 8 months ago

      I have to admit after a couple of days of playing it the novelty does wear off. I still click into it but I don’t even use all of my possible attacks. The fighting doesn’t vary enough. If you compare it to games like Clash Royale or War Wings or something like that, you can control multiple variables that have significant impact on the gameplay.

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