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Iron Maiden Front Man, Bruce Dickinson, Undergoes Cancer Treatment!


Iron Maiden Front Man, Bruce Dickinson, Undergoes Cancer Treatment!

If there is one word that scares every human being on this planet, it’s cancer. It’s destroyed lives and families for many years, and this morning one of our icons reveals that they are battling it as we speak. Iron Maiden‘s Bruce Dickinson has undergone a seven-week treatment for a cancerous tumor on the back of his tongue. Thankfully the cancer was caught early, and he’s expected to make a full recovery, because he’s Bruce Dickinson.

Here’s the full update from Iron Maiden’s Facebook page: “Just before Christmas, Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson visited his doctor for a routine check-up. This led to tests and biopsies which revealed a small cancerous tumour at the back of his tongue. A seven week course of chemotherapy and radiology treatment was completed yesterday. As the tumour was caught in the early stages, the prognosis thankfully is extremely good. Bruce’s medical team fully expect him to make a complete recovery with the all clear envisaged by late May. It will then take a further few months for Bruce to get back to full fitness. In the meantime we would ask for your patience, understanding and respect for Bruce and his family’s privacy until we update everyone by the end of May. Bruce is doing very well considering the circumstances and the whole team are very positive.

Bruce has been an icon in our scene for over thirty years, and just thinking about not having him around is beyond depressing. Thank you to the metal Gods that the cancer was found early enough, so that he can return to doing what he does best, and that’s ruling the world. As the statement said, they expect a full recovery, and we’ll get a new update in May. For now, we’d like to send our positive thoughts and vibes to the Iron maiden front man, and wish him well in his recovery! WE LOVE YOU BRUCE!