Irdorath: “The Final Sin” Album Review


Irdorath: “The Final Sin” Album Review

When most people think of blackthrash, they think of black metal inspired thrash, but in the case of Irdorath, it’s the other way around. The band’s fifth album, The Final Sin, continues to push toward the black metal side of things while keeping those elements of thrash that make this band so uniqu. They top this off with better production than ever.

Not to be mistaken for the fantasy folk band by the same name, Irdorath write about the rejection of religion and the horrors of it all. When the band started out, their lyrics were all German, but they switched to English with 2013’s I Am Risen. Since their first demo in 2006, the band’s lyrical themes have remained consistent, but one thing that hasn’t been consistent is their label which has changed with every release.

The opening track “Chains Of Virtue” boasts a commanding, doomy, and evil sounding intro with a screamed rant that leads into the incredibly fast and intense rest of the song. Something that this band does very well is craft unique guitar melodies that are carried through the majority of each song, these black metal esque melodies perfectly transition into the more thrashy and riffy sections of the songs as well.

The drums throughout The Final Sin are a big highlight. They help every section transition into the next is very impressive, with a perfect mix of thrashy fills, black metal style blast beats, and interesting parts during the quieter sections. Those quieter parts also allow the bass really a bigger voice which helps those sections have a different emotion than the rest of the album.

The Final Sin is a new high point for Irdorath and they top it off with some beautiful art.

The Final Sin is out on Arts Gates Records on May 1. Pre-order it here!

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