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Invasion: “Destroyer Of Mankind” Album Review


Invasion: “Destroyer Of Mankind” Album Review

I love war metal! Invasion play a brand of death metal that falls somewhere in line with Bolt Thrower, Amon Amarth, Benediction, and maybe even some Obituary, and this is on display on Destroyer of Mankind. The riffs are chunky and razor sharp, and the vocals are deep and guttural with a Karl Willetts feel to them.

“I Am the Enemy” starts the album off just like that, then gallops off at a furious pace. “Approaching Cauldron of Horror” is a gigantic riff-fest! The pace is once pummeling, and the brutality of the song never lets up. “Iron Bottom Sound” integrates a solid wall of chunky riffs, played slower, and, may I say, heavier. “Play The Devil’s Piano” is my favorite here. It encompasses what Invasion are about, and shows absolutely no mercy.

If I had to complain about anything here, it’s that Invasion do not hold back on their Bolt Thrower worship at all.  The playing is so similar that you can here the influence in just about every song. Bolt Thrower certainly aren’t a bad band to sound like, so it’s not an overtly negative thing.

Destroyer of Mankind is out now on Abyss Records. Buy it here!

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