Interview with Christian Mistress


Interview with Christian Mistress

As you all know (and if you don’t, you really should by now), Christian Mistress is a band on the rise. Their second album, Possession, just hit stores today, and their sound is a fresh twist on the old NWOBHM favorites. I’ve been a huge fan of the band since someone spun “Black Vigil” for me on Turntable, and recently I got a chance to interview them. We talk fame, fans, and femininity in this brief interview below. Please check out their new album, which is streaming on GuitarWorld for the time being, and obviously, go buy the album here if you enjoy it even half as much as I did.


Who are your influences, and how and when did you get exposed to them?

Oscar: Being a guitar player I’d say there’s a revolving door of influences. Being interested in music and records really exposed me to a lot of bands that I like. For this band in particular I wanted to put the rock’n roll back into metal. I’ve been listening to a lot of Scorpions, Judas Priest, a lot of obscure heavy metal, and the blues. I guess you can say I’m a fan of the guitar.

You all seem to be avoiding the social network scene (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Is this a conscious effort, and if so, how do you feel about your growing internet presence?

RYAN: We have international press, no need for a digital trading card. Social networking is a waste of time. You wanna spend your time sitting down looking at a screen? That’s not livin’ man! That’s what I’m doing right now and I can tell you IT SUCKS! Write a song, make art, go buy a record and for the love of god…exercise!

Do you have any upcoming plans to tour outside of the Pacific Northwest?

Oscar: Yes, we’re going to tour Europe this April 2012… Very stoked about it! Excited and honored to play Roadburn.

Do you already have ideas brewing for the next album, or do you completely avoid songwriting when on tour/break?

Oscar: I write songs avidly. I usually use material that would be appropriate for the record we’re working on. We haven’t been working on any new songs.

Where do you usually get song ideas from?

RYAN: My brain usually. Sometimes I just rip off other songs though. But, Musicians don’t “rip off”, we “quote” right? You can quote me on that!

Was there any point early in your career in which you knew you were going to be a big deal?

RYAN: We’re a big deal? Damn, It’s a good thing you told me. I always thought we were a bunch of idiots with special interests.

CHRISTINE: I always have known that if people could hear our songs they would love them. I just never expected people to get to hear our songs. There are so many good bands and killer musicians that never get recognized. The amount of attention we get I feel is definitely warranted. I wouldn’t be in a band unless I thought we ripped, totally not into false modesty. However, we are honored and thrilled with all the opportunities we have. We take it seriously, we revel in it, it is great to achieve personal goals for me – putting out records, playing in Europe, playing Roadburn, touring, having cool experiences and living life to its fullest. Check.

Do you have any crazy die-hard follow-you-to-every-show fans yet? No names are necessary, of course, but funny/insane stories are more than welcome.

RYAN: One time we stayed with this fellow in the Midwest who thought we were so cool he insisted we get photos taken with his dog. Nice dude, cool tail…horrible breath though.

Did you [Christine] have a hard time as a female metalhead growing up?

CHRISTINE: No tragic stories. I would say metal saved my life, it gave me an outlet to channel my aggression and a chance to have more fun at parties. Drinking is so much more fun to a heavy metal soundtrack or playing the shows yourself. My parents burned all my music whenever they would see the titles of the CDs in my bedroom but I never let it bother me too much, I just thought they were insane. I had a hard time growing up in a strict family but it wasn’t because I was female or a metal head, just typical growing up stuff.

Are you often dismissed as a “girl band” despite your traditional heavy sound? (I hope not, but I have to ask.)

CHRISTINE: Well, there are four guys and only one girl so I feel more like a dude most of the time, the balance is definitely leaning to the guys.

RYAN: What’s wrong with girl bands? I like Girls.

If you have any additional messages, especially for the female fans, we’d love to hear them!

CHRISTINE: Don’t let yourself fixate on what women versus men do. It just perpetuates the idea that gender denotes different skill levels or abilities. I am bored with that topic. Let’s move on to actually living life in the way that most pleases us – our days are numbered.