Interview with Awake For Days at Debonair Music Hall 2019


Interview with Awake For Days at Debonair Music Hall 2019

I chatted with Awake For Days at Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck, NJ before their first ever US performance. The guys are supporting Cold on their Broken Human tour, which will wrap-up with 2 dates at The Viper Room in November. The guys were excited to discuss their music and experiences so far on the road before showtime on a sunny August afternoon with me. Check out our interview below and photos of their set here.

Congratulations on landing the opening slot on Cold’s Broken Human tour! How did everything happen to get you here?

Nic (bassist): Thank you so much! Our management arranged and finalized this tour for us last November. Since then, we’ve been working on putting everything together.

How have you been preparing for your first US tour?

Nic: It’s been 5 years of preparing and wanting this as a band.  We are from Sardinia, which is a little island far away in the middle of the Mediterranean. We have dreamt of this forever! I think we are the first hard rock band from Sardinia to come to the USA to tour with a huge band like Cold, too.

It is only night 1 of this tour, but has anything surprised you about the USA or the tour yet?

Nic: Many things like the food! The people have been very warm, though, and everyone has been so kind to us.

Eddie (producer): Everyone on this tour has been so nice and helping us to set up and get organized.

Lukas (vocals): Especially Cold! They met us and are such warm and kind people. It is incredible, especially for such a big band.

Can you tell me about the metal scene in Sardinia? ARE YOU the metal scene?

Everyone: METAAAAAAL YAAAAAAH! *everyone does their best metal growls and laughs*

Lukas: There’s a metal scene in Sardinia, but it’s very local. The market for alternative rock and metal in Italy is small, which is why we always planned to tour here in the states. There are maybe 3 or 4 rock radio stations in all of Italy. Shopping around in a mall here in the US, for example, you can probably hear rock music. At home for us, that never happens. It’s either Italian pop songs or American pop songs.

Your new album “Multiverse” is set to be released later this year. Can you tell me a little bit about the process for writing and recording this album vs. “Magnificent Disorder”?

Lukas: “Magnificent Disorder” was all metalcore, while “Multiverse” is more of an upgrade to another universe. A multiverse, if you will!

Eddie: The guys got in touch with me to see if I could help with recording their new album. I traveled to Sardinia from Northern Italy to help with writing, recording, and mixing the album. The entire process was so natural and easy. Writing, recording, and mixing the album took 4 months. Now the guys are ready to hit the stage!

I know a lot of the lyrics on this album come from feelings of depression. How has writing these lyrics helped you process your own emotions?

Lukas: We talk about more of our personal experiences, pain, and suffering on this album lyrically vs. our previous album. You can hear this a lot in our singles “Break Your Chains” and “With You.” With these lyrics and our music, we want to speak to the people that suffer and let them know they’re not alone.

Have you had any fans reach out since the release of the 2 singles saying that your music and lyrics helped them heal?

Lukas: Yes, and that was our greatest reward. It’s a beautiful way to connect with our listeners, too.

Are there any specific songs on this album that are extremely meaningful to you?

Lukas: “Break Your Chains” is a very personal song for me. I started to play music because of my cousin, who gave me my first guitar (a Gibson) to learn with. In 2017, he committed suicide. “Break Your Chains” was written to help listeners like my cousin who may also be suffering.

Nic: We used his cousin’s guitar for the song on the album, too, to pay tribute.

You’d better play that song tonight and during this entire tour!

Lukas: Yes for sure. We actually play it first!

Speaking of performing, are there any specific songs from the new album that you cannot wait to play on stage throughout this tour?

AFD: *laughs* All of them?!

Lukas: For me, it’s “Break Your Chains.”

Nic: For me, it’s “Spirits of the Road,” which is still unreleased, but you can hear it if you come to one of the shows!

What can crowds expect from your live show?

All: ENERGY! Jumping! Sweating!

Are there any words of wisdom you can share with readers that are either thinking of getting into music or already in a band working to be successful?

Lukas: Believe in your music, your power, and put everything into it.

Nic: And believe in yourself. It’s the only way you can emerge from the underground.

Lukas: And follow your dreams, even if they seem SO far away. We are proof!

Aside from music, what else do you guys do for fun or to relax?

Lukas: Normal everyday things, really. For me, I’m involved with music daily (writing, recording, rehearsing). I’m also starting to record other artists in my studio.

Nic: Just hanging out, walking, enjoying the beach, traveling all around Sardinia. It’s a beautiful place with the mountains and the sea.

Eddie: They never bring me to the beach when I visit, though!

AFD: *laughs* Not true!

Thank you all for your time! Any final words?

All: Thank you for your time and for hanging out with 5 Italian guys!

Are you kidding?! This is the best day ever for me!

All: *laughs*

Be sure to catch Awake For Days opening for Cold throughout the USA on the Broken Human tour.  Can’t make it to a show?  Connect with them on social media (Facebook and Instagram)!