Inter Arma - Promo

Inter Arma struck fast and hard with their debut long-player, Sky Burial, quickly proving their talents by transcending genres across monster tracks that often broke the 10-minute marke. Now they have outdone themselves with The Cavern, a 46-minute sonic free-for-all that encompasses an album’s worth of madness in just one song.

Although it is referred to as an EP, The Cavern covers more ground than most albums long-players do. Stylistically, it is just as varied as its predecessor, ranging from knuckle-dragging doom to raging black metal, and it even includes a section that recalls Pink Floyd, complete with steely slide wails, desperate vocals, and colossal hooks. Inter Arma aren’t the first to take such a monumental approach, but outside of Sleep’s Dopesmoker and Lesbian’s Forestelevision, few have fared so well.

The Cavern is out now on Relapse Records.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

Inter Arma - The Cavern




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