There’s a lot to be said about meat-and-potatoes death metal, and for the bulk of Ingested’s third long-player, The Architect of Extinction, that is exactly what is served.

Ingested employ all of the tricks of the death trade over the album’s 10 tracks: blitzkrieg riffing, guttural vocals, and uncompromising blasts. If the goal is a circle-pit, these will surely spark one up from the opening notes of “The Divine Right of Kings.” But unfortunately, those tricks have been ground down with time and wear, and while the pummeling is fierce through most of the album, it feels like this machine needs its gears greased. That is, until the central duo of “I’Despoiler,” with its scatter-shot riffing and menacing guitar theme that emerges mid-way through, and the “Penance,” a post-metal instrumental that rides the gallop of brisk blasts. Not only do these tracks offer variability on the album, but they provide a refreshing glimpse of the places that Ingested can take their sound.

Everybody likes meat and potatoes, but it’s always exciting to enjoy new twists on an old staple. With Architect of Extinction there are a few surprises, and Ingested have the experience and chops to deliver much, much more.

Architect of Extinction is out January 13 on Century Media Records.

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars

Ingested - The Architect of Extinction




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