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Inferi: “The End of An Era | Rebirth” Album Review


Inferi: “The End of An Era | Rebirth” Album Review

The majority of the time when a band re-records an album people shake their head. When Inferi re-recorded The End of an Era people will be banging their head in excitement. According to the band The End of an Era | Rebirth is a fully updated album, so no remastering here. There’s something to be said about going back to any form of art. Time allows you to grow and become a master of your craft. Infer have done just that – perfected their flamethrower of tech death variation.

Inferi guitarist Malcolm Pugh comments on The End of an Era | Rebirth:

I’m really excited to finally see this project fleshed out. I have yearned to re-record this album for almost a decade now and I’m glad it happened with the strongest line-up the band has ever had. I think the older fans will be able to appreciate what we have done with the record and new fans will get a new view of the band with a wider perspective if they’ve never gone back to check out our older albums. We are all very excited, now it is time to hit the road!

Personally, I’m thankful that they did this, since I didn’t catch the album the first time around and now I kick myself for not doing so. This album has so much freaking shredding riffs and melody. You would be wrong to think this is out of date considering the first version came out 10 years ago. The sounds coming out of my speakers shriek volumes of precision and brutality.

My personal favorite is “The Warrior’s Infinite Opus” with its slow acoustic intro being completely misleading to the epic aural adventure that is paved over almost 9 minute song. I have found myself humming (poorly) riff sections and pretending to play my custom air instruments.

Inferi have done a great job with this re-release, which despite its age, has only gotten better with time. Now I’m itching to pick their other albums to add to my collection.

The End of An Era | Rebirth is out April 12 on The Artisan Era. Buy it here!

Inferi - The End of An Era | Rebirth - Promo

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