ncHis last words to me and my wife were of congratulations on our wedding day and how he hopes to see us again soon.  I sit here, what feels like a million miles away from my friends mourning the death of Nightcrawler Steve in New York City today.  The scene there has lost another really good person this morning, reminding us all of just how vulnerable we are.

As friends and acquaintances gather their thoughts on social media and in text messages, and probably at Duff’s this evening, I find myself in a deep thought about life and death and the blink of an eye in the lifespan of the universe when we exist.  Death is the natural course of things in nature, but it’s never okay with us when it comes too soon to those around us.  We’re losing more and more good people at a young age and all too often I find myself thinking of the good times I’ve had with those I’ve lost.  It doesn’t feel very good, but it makes me smile to know we had those.

Perhaps the greatest legacy Nightcrawler leaves behind is his daughters.  I never had the chance to meet them, but anyone who knows NC has heard stories and seen many pictures.  My heart goes out to them today more than anyone.  I can’t imagine how they feel right now.

As I sit here concentrating on my breathing, appreciating every breath that comes in and goes out, I recognize that one day the air won’t pass through.  This to me is not a bad thing, nor good, but just the natural course of things.  It is a constant reminder to appreciate every moment while I am here.  A reminder to appreciate every single thing.

Remember that as you go through life, you should see as much as possible.  Experience everything in life that you possibly can.  You live only now, and even that can be cut shorter than you think.  Remember to be a part of something.  Remember to love something.  Remember to create something.

I know many of our readers don’t know who Nightcrawler was, but know that he was a friend of SkullsNBones.  He was a friend of Metal Mark, Me, my wife and probably 99% of the New York City metal scene.  He was a member of the family.  We will miss him.

Cheers to Nightcrawler.


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