if1The mighty In Flames have been posting update after update about their studio experience at Hansa Studios in Berlin, Germany.  While recording an album is serious business for most bands, In Flames has been showing a more relaxed side through their posts and I think that’s good news for any band working on the most stressful part of the job.  if2The image above has the caption, “Hard work” on the group’s official Facebook page.

Anders’ Instagram has a lot of cool photos from the studio but as a bass player I especially like this one where he is sharing his ‘inspiration’ with us.  Drinking the good stuff!

There aren’t actually  a whole lot of drinking pictures on his Instagram page which I was expecting to find- okay so like half of the pictures have alcohol in them, but I would say that’s modest for any self-respecting metal band!  I guess it shows real focus?

I suppose on that not I will mention that I am really hopeful about this next record.  In Flames has been evolving musically from album to album which I think is a good thing for any band.

I am anxious to see where they go next because there’s a part of me that wants to hear some more aggressive melodic death, but then if3I also think that what they’re doing now is very different from anything else out there.  I guess there’s some good in going in either direction, but I have my old fan side pulling for some of the more aggressive stuff to show its head again.

“Nick’s getting in the mood.”  I don’t know what to say about that caption but the image is pretty damn funny.  The best FB comment so far I think is, “Looks like Weird Al Yankovic.”

Next up we have the drums being set up. There is also a funny video on the Facebook page with some hilarious comments from the drum session. It’s worth a look.

if4The caption for this one is, “Riggin’ up, Riggin’ up, druuu-uuu-uuums” which hopefully takes them less time than the drummers I work with! Okay, to be fair, drums are a hell of a thing to get sounding right. Drummers always have a ton of shit, a million moving parts and a person hitting things with (what you hope is) good precision right next to your $10k mics. Talk about stress!

So I guess I’ll leave you with just one more image because I don’t want to spoil their FB & Instagram efforts by posting everything here.

The last image is captioned, “The voice is ready.”  The fans and those who apparently used to be took this image as their opportunity to argue about what the new album should sound like and what they don’t like about what’s been produced by the band in recent times.  The fans have jumped in and are making some pretty good arguments in favor of the evolution of the band which I kind of agree with, despite what I said above.  Bands need to grow people!  Just like Anders’ beard… which is also a comment topic.  Enjoy!


There are a lot more photos and updates from In Flames on their Official Facebook page and on Anders’ Instagram page.

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