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Ill Nino - Epidemia

I’m not a big nu-metal fan, and I want to make that clear right off the bat.  Never have been.

With that being said, I did enjoy the metal/Latin mix of the first two Ill Nino offerings 10 or so years ago.  They were heavy and new.  They weren’t among my favorites of the time period, but I did like them.

With Epidemia, Ill Nino has updated their sound and modernized.  This offering is chock full of what you would expect; heavy-assed, guttural vocals mixed with clean harmonies. Christian Machado is a monster on the mic, and this album proves it.  His ability to shift gears is astounding.

“The Depression” leads us off with a great mix of clean vocals and musicianship.  Dave Chavarri is a very underrated drummer, and his ability to mix percussion of all different types is amazing. It is definitely one of the highlights of Epidemia.

“La Epidemia” blisters and shreds, and it is my favorite on the album.  The vocals and straight forward verses are killer. “Eva” is another killer track, and the arrangement and mix of vocals here is awesome.  “Demi-God” is a ripper.

Although, the album is only 37 minutes long, I found myself skipping tracks, and I really had to concentrate to review this album.  The main problem? I found that the songs sound too similar to each other.  The overall vibe is overwhelmingly nu-metal, and although it comes across with enough fervor, it just sounds a little dated.  That being said, Epidemia is arguably Ill Nino‘s best offering yet.

Epidemia is out now on Victory Records.

Rating: 3/5