IKILLYA, War For An Idea

IKILLYA, War For An Idea

Our brothers in the New York City metal band IKILLYA released their latest music video yesterday on Metalsucks and it’s fucking awesome!  The story line is quite powerful and the song is brutal as fuck.  It’s a video with a point and it’s done really, really well!

Jason Lekberg told Metalsucks, “I began writing this song the day of the Bataclan shooting in Paris. That event helped me finally put into words my disgust with people who use their interpretation of ‘god’ to justify hurting, killing or infringing on the rights of others. It’s the first IKILLYA song ever to use an expletive, but I don’t know that there is any more appropriate way to express how we feel.”

Check out the video now!

FUCK YOUR GOD! Awesome! IKILLYA will release the upcoming record, “War For An Idea” on June 2nd under the Urban Yeti Records flag.  Congrats on the new record deal and on a fantastic new video guys!

Check out the preorder packages here: https://urbanyetimerch.com/collections/ikillya

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    Sam Roon 8 months ago

    @jasonlekberg I want a tee shirt that says, “Fuck Your God” – What’s up?

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