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If ever there has been a need for a “no bullshit” zone, it is now. Unfortunately, finding one in today’s world of political bluster, fake news, and international conflict is as tough as finding a smoking section at IHOP. It’s nearly impossible.

IKILLYA are changing all of this with their third long-player, War for an Idea. The music is ball-busting, the message is opinionated, and above all, it is a direct one-two punch to today’s insane world. “Your God” tackles terrorism in the name of religion with a chorus of “I won’t pray for peace, ‘Cause that’s what got us here in the first place” above a militaristic rhythm. “Rebel” delivers reckless riffing and perspective on the heritage versus hate debate before evaporating into a blissful piano and guitar outro, and the thrashing “My Hands Around Your Throat” proclaims authoritatively, “If you’ll forgive me, I’ll choke this world for you.” There are no frills here; in fact, some of the hooks that seeped into the New Yorkers’ last album, Vae Victus, have been traded for vitriol, making this their most ferocious release.

Need a break from the bullshit? IKILLYA have you covered, at least for the 12 songs and 41 minutes that make up War for an Idea. But this is more than just an album. It’s a confrontational demand for sanity in a world that has lost its mind.

War for an Idea is out June 2 on Urban Yeti Records. Pre-order it here!


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