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Not enough bands play in the vein of Protest The Hero or I Am Abomination. I guess playing fluid leads over ever-shifting time signatures is a hard thing to do while still retaining solid songwriting.

I, Omega have absolutely no problem with it, however, and it absolutely shows on their debut full-length, Transients. Guitarists Thomas Borboa and Ryan Cano are just as comfortable writing breakdowns as they are some of the strongest choruses metalcore has seen in a good long while, then tying the two together with mind-bending solos. “Shuddering At Calm Seas” is an amazing standout, with its jazzy cleans giving way to fleet-fingered sweep-picking without sounding completely silly. “Half Way Home” swings like I Am Abomination at their off-kilter best. The instrumental show-off track “The Rustling” showcases the entire band’s mastery of their respective instruments, and the best part is none of it sounds mailed in. You can almost see them in the jam room laughing as they attempt to one-up each other. Vocalist Clay Nevels sounds almost exactly like Rody Walker when he sings, but his screams are the weakest parts of this record. Sometimes he hits the right tone, but other times he flails and misses badly. Luckily, the screams don’t dominate the record, mainly because the songs really don’t need them. Nevel’s singing voice is superb and coexists beautifully with the tasteful shredding his bandmates lay down.

Let me just say that if you sleep on Transients, it is absolutely your loss. I, Omega have, with one full-length, leapfrogged to the front of the progressive metalcore pack, and I don’t think there’s any hope of catching them easily.

Transients is out now on Bullet Tooth.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars