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Hyvmine: “Retaliation” Album Review


Hyvmine: “Retaliation” Album Review

Hyvmine have been around only a short time, but they are kicking ass across the nation with their style of progressive metal.

Based in Los Angeles, California, the musicians are Berklee graduate Al Joseph (lead vocals, lead guitar), Alon Mei-Tal (guitarist), Chris Joseph (bassist) and Billy Gerrity (drummer). Their latest creation, Retaliation, is a mix of potent elements that you would miss if you didn’t listen carefully. 2018 saw two magnificent albums, Earthquake and the Fight or Flight EP, both of which are highly recommended listening. Straight off the bat on Retaliation, it is clear that Hyvmine are a band fully immersed in the art of vertigo-generating prog metal that aims to scramble your mind and send your particles hurtling abyss-wards.

“Demoness” features exemplary guitar work and gritty, dirty, sexy vocals that combine to add excellent ebb and flow to the rhythm. There is palpable passion on “Liberation” with its beautifully layered riffs and heavy harmonious vocals; although it would be nice to hear Al Joseph add some different elements in the future.

Hyvmine rampage their way through Retaliation, an album that combines a little rock ‘n roll swagger and breakneck musical virtuosity.

Retaliation is out July 12 on Seek and Strike. Pre-order it here!

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