Hyvmine: “Earthquake” Album Review


Hyvmine: “Earthquake” Album Review

Pay close attention to Al Joseph, a phenomenal progressive metal guitarist and lead vocalist of Hyvmine. He is nothing short of one of the guitar greats with influences as varied as ’90s grunge and nu-metal to gospel and smooth jazz.  The band name was inspired by the term “hive mind” spawned from the show Stranger Things, and they have now released their debut, Earthquake.

Right from the start, “Shift” blasts you with amazing fretwork whereby you can hear the notes picked out and played with utter abandon. Midway through the song Joseph seems to battle with Fabrizio Cavalero’s drumming and the song ends at the climax.

As I dug deeper I found that the track “Shogun” has an instructional video that was done for Guitar World. Al Joseph makes playing look so smooth and effortless and you can see the intensity and his devotion to his instrument. The title track slows things down slightly, yet the vocals remain smooth, rich and sung with fervor. Now I do not purport to be a guitar genius, but the track “Great Divide” it sounds downtuned, and it has crafty bass, crushing drums, and pipework of fire and fury.

Earthquake is aurally appealing, and I must say the guitar gods must be smiling at this one.

Earthquake is out January 19 on Seek and Strike. Buy it here!

Hyvmine - Promo - 2018