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Hypnos: “GBG Sessions” Album Review


Hypnos: “GBG Sessions” Album Review

Any band whose press release compares them to Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest will get my attention. Priest and Lizzy are not only two of my all time favorite bands, but they are groups I have been since back in the mid-’70s until today. So, if you’re gonna try to run with the big dogs, you better be able to bark.

And, what do ya know? Sweden’s Hypnos actually pull it off. GBG Sessions could have come out 40 years ago and held up with the best of metal at the time. It features soaring vocals, kick-ass guitar runs, and spot-on songwriting – pretty much everything you need for a class metal album. Apparently, GBG Sessions features a new vocalist, Linus Johansson, and is a compilation of tracks from previous records. And an ABBA cover? Really? Dudes, that takes some huge metal balls!

In King Rhino’s humble opinion? Yes, I dig this album. If Hypnos play near me, I’ll go see them in a heartbeat. So, if you’re a classic metal head, GBG Sessions is right up your alley.

Hypnos’ GBG Sessions is out April 20 on The Sign Records. Buy it here!

Hypnos - Promo - 2018