When Huntress first blasted their way onto the metal scene in 2010 with debut EP, Off With Her Head, they made quite an impression and soon starting landing support slots with big names such as Testament and Lamb Of God. Now, in 2015, we witness the band joining Mötorhead, Slayer and Anthrax on the Mötorboat cruise in October. Whether their success is down to Jill Janus and her four-octave vocal range or the straight-up, no-messing heavy metal that the band produces, heads have undeniably been turned. Five years on from their debut and the Californians are back with third album, Static, which Janus calls “the heaviest and catchiest” record that they have written to date.

Static is most definitely that, and in true Huntress style the release is packed with occult-like lyrics, aggressive riffs, and angst-filled outbursts, examples being “I Want to Wanna Wake Up” and the thunderous “Sorrow,” which are exactly the kind of tracks an angry teen might play loudly in their room as a big “screw you” to their parents!

Energy is never in short supply with Huntress, and their latest release is chock-full of it, especially “Flesh,” which has possibly the catchiest chorus on the record and a truly badass opening riff. After four fast-paced tracks, when “Mania” arrives with its melodic guitars, blistering guitar solo and powerful vocal hooks, it is a welcome change and the shift in dynamics provides the variety that the album needs, without being slow, boring or just a filler track.

“Four Moons” follows with thunderous drums and razor-sharp riffs before the Iron Maiden-esque title track blasts through the speakers with plenty of metal riffage, soaring, raw vocals and a red-hot guitar solo midway through. The standout track of the release has got to be “Fire In My Heart” which is packed with substance. The twin guitar work is exceptional, and it’s nice to hear Spencer Jacob’s bass cutting through and driving the track, as the vocals can tend to steal the limelight on occasion.

Heavy, yes. Catchy, yes. Static is yet another fiery release from Huntress, and it will surely be grabbed up by fans new and old.

Static is out September 25 on Napalm Records. Pre-order it here

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Huntress - Static


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