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Howling Giant: “Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2” EP Review


Howling Giant: “Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2” EP Review

Howling Giant gave us a mere taste of what they had to offer on Black Hole Space Wizard Part 1, and the second installment, Black Hole Space Wizard Part 2, ensures that we remember the pioneer and his travels. The band blend equal parts Kyuss, Pink Floyd and Black Sabbath, with some MC5 thrown in just for good measure, to create a fuzzy,  eclectic mix, but it works very well for the band.

“Henry Tate” opens up amidst some feedback then builds to a cosmic  wall of sound.  The song gallops below spoken words and highlights the guitar talents of guitarist Tom Polzine. “The Pioneer” then picks you up with an almost David Bowie-like feel. Roger Marks’ bass lines  are trippy and hypnotic, and the bridge and chorus are heavy and in your face. “Visions” is slower and heavier with  layers of heavy riffs and bass laden with melodious vocals.  “The Forest Speaks” is a light, airy instrumental track that almost seems like its the intro to “Circle of Druids,” a heavy heavy track with vocal harmonies that deliver an almost heavenly aura. “Earth Wizard” takes you out of the 30 minute EP in grand fashion.  The band slows to a crawl and lays down some of the heaviest riffs on the album.

Howling Giant have another winner on their hands.  Each song has a life of it’s own here.  It’s pretty amazing to get lost in a short 30-minute EP, but the musicianship and songwriting keep you interested 100 percent of the time.  Now, I can’t wait to see what part 3 will bring!

Black Hole Space Traveler Part 2 is independently released and out now. Buy it here.

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