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Hot And Heavy: Week Of September 1, 2017


Hot And Heavy: Week Of September 1, 2017

This week is a big one on the album release front. Paradise Lost returns with a doom-heavy dish, and Septicflesh is back as well. Eat it up!

Anubis Gate: Covered in Black (Nightmare / Sony / RED) – Buy
Bombarder: Speed Kill (Nuclear War Now! Productions) – Buy
Charming Timur: Focused Rage (Independent) – Buy
Contrive: Slow Dissolve (Contrive Music) – Buy
Flaw: United We Stand (Pavement Entertainment) – Buy
From North: From North (Downfall Records) – Buy
Leucosis: Liminal (Sentient Ruin) – Buy
Mist of Misery: Shackles of Life (Black Lion Records) – Buy
Nemecic: The Deathcantation (Inverse Records) – Buy
Night: Raft of the World (The Sign Records) – Buy
Paradise Lost: Medusa (Nuclear Blast Records) – Buy
Red Mountains: Slow Wander (All Good Clean Records) – Buy
SATOR: Ordeal (Argonauta Records) – Buy
Septicflesh: Codex Omega (Prosthetic Records) – Buy
The Convalesence: This is Hell (Unique Leader Records) – Buy

Breag Naofa: Cearo (Independent) – Buy
Dutchguts / Chained To The Dead: Dutchguts / Chained To The Dead Split (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions) – Buy
Epica: The Solace System (Nuclear Blast Records) – Buy
Sxuperion: Myriad
(Bloody Mountain Records) – Buy