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Hot and Heavy: Week of May 5, 2017


Hot and Heavy: Week of May 5, 2017

Welcome to this week’s Hot and Heavy! This week sees releases from Hate, God Dethroned, and reissues from Oranssi Pazuzu. Click the album titles to lay your money down and purchase these releases!

Bleed Again: Momentum (Sliptrick Records)
Death on Fire: LazerWulf Demos (Independent)
Era 9: Gravity (Independent)
Eruption: Cloaks of Oblivion (Xtreem Music)
Excalibur: Humo Negro (Fighter Records)
God Dethroned: The World Ablaze (Metal Blade Records)
Hate: Tremendum (Napalm Records)
Helker: Firesoul (AFM Records)
Holding On To Nothing: The Fourth Place Concession Prize of Abject Failure (Blasphemour Records)
Kynesis: Pandora (Argonauta Records)
Mudbath: Brine Pool (Saka Cost)
Netherbird: Hymns From Realms Yonder (Black Lodge Records)
Nighon: The Somme (Inverse Records)
Rebel Beat: Steel Dust (Pavement Entertainment)
Shibalba: Psychostasis – Death Of Khat (Agonia Records)
Slagduster: Deadweight (Waterlow Audio Records)
The Unity: The Unity (Steamhammer / SPV)
Tribulance: The Aftermath of Lies (Independent)
Viscera: Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals (Drown Within Records)
Wolfpakk: Wolves Reign (AFM Records)

Snares of Sixes: Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass (Crucial Blast)
Loathfinder: The Great Tired Ones (Godz Ov War Productions)
Vhaldemar: Old King’s Visions (Fighter Records)

Oranssi Pazuzu: Farmakologinen (20 Buck Spin)
Oranssi Pazuzu: Muukalainen Puhuu (20 Buck Spin)
Oranssi Pazuzu: Kosmonument (20 Buck Spin)