Hot And Heavy: Week Of May 26, 2017

This Friday’s releases are far-reaching, and there is something here that is sure to warrant a headbang from each reader. Watch a few videos from these releases while you are here, and click on the album titles to purchase some new tunes.

Abuse: Nothing is Safe (Comatose Records)
Alestorm: No Grave But the Sea (Napalm Records)
Anubis: The Second Hand (Independent)
Avatarium: Hurricanes and Halos (Nuclear Blast)
Cydemind: Erosion (Independent)
Danzig: Black Laden Crown (Nuclear Blast)
Divinity: The Immortalist (Independent)
Dream Evil: Six (Century Media Records)
Endless Voyage X: Those Who Time Forgot (Fragile Branch)
Final Void: Sounds of Absence (Inverse Records)
Heavy Traffic: Plastic Surgery (Twin Earth Records)
Insanity: Toss a Coin (Bastardized Recordings)
Kaledon: Carnagus: Emperor Of The Darkness (Independent)
Karkaos: Children of the Void (Independent)
King Satan: King Fucking Satan (Saturnal Records)
Legionnaire: Dawn of Genesis (Gates of Hell Records)
Lord: Blacklisted (Heavy Hound Records)
Narthraal: Screaming from the Grave (Inverse Records)
Nitrogods: Roadkill BBQ (Steamhammer/SPV)
Nopes: Fun Limbo (Magnetic Eye)
Norska: Too Many Winters (Brutal Panda Records)
Post Pulse: Halls of the Damned (Independent)
Pyreship: The Liars Bend Low (Black Bow Records)
Reclaim the Future: The Last Quiet Day (Musica Production)
Running Death: DressAge (Punishment 18 Records)
Solstafir: Berdreyminn (Season of Mist)
Soulskinner: Descent to Abaddon (Xtreem Music)
Suffering Hour: In Passing Ascension (Blood Harvest Records)
Volker: Dead Doll (Overpowered Records)
WhiteNails: First Trip (Magnetic Eye)
Wrath of Belial: Bloodstained Rebellion (Independent)
Wreche: Wreche (Fragile Branch)

Paroxsihzem: Abyss of Excruciating Vexes (Krucyator Productions)
Voids of Vomit: Ritval Expiation (Everlasting Spew Records)

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