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Hot and Heavy: Week Of May 12, 2017


Hot and Heavy: Week Of May 12, 2017

It’s been one hell of a week, but it is Friday. Time for a metal party with plenty of new jams to turn up while the beer flows in honor of the weekend. This week’s highlights include the new John Frum album, a killer Sacrificial Slaughter release, and a new album from Ulsect. Read them all below, click on the album titles to buy a copy, and stick around to watch a few videos before leaving. Cheers!

Descartes a Kant: Victims of Love Propaganda (Cleopatra Records)
Ensnared: Dysangelium (Invictus Productions)
ExcommunionThronosis (Dark Descent Records)
IngloriousII (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
John FrumA String in the Noos (Relapse Records)
Kin Beneath Chorus: Invia (Straight From the Heart Records)
Lucifer’s Dungeon: The Dark Army Rises (GrimmDistribution)
MeatwoundLargo (Magic Bullet Records)
Pictura PoesisMiseriae Mundi (Independent)
Red Beard Wall: Red Beard Wall (Argonauta Records)
Sacrificial SlaughterGeneration of Terror (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)
Show of BedlamTransfiguration (Sentient Ruin)
SnakecharmerSecond Skin (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Sons of Death ValleyFathers of the Free (Prime Collective)
SummonerBeyond the Realm of Light (Magnetic Eye)
The Ditch and the DeltaHives in Decline (Battleground Records)
The Good the Bad and the ZuglyThe Worst Four Years (Fysisk Format)
The Thirteenth SunStardust (Aural Music)
UlsectUlsect (Season of Mist)
Until Rain: Inure (Sensory Records)
Voice of RuinPurge And Purify (Tenacity Music)

Caïna / Cara NeirSplit (Broken Limbs)
MerchantBeneath (Black Bow Records)