Hot And Heavy: Week Ending September 22, 2017


Hot And Heavy: Week Ending September 22, 2017

It’s that time again … time for some new metal! There are a number of much anticipated releases hitting the streets this week, including new albums from Cradle of Filth (Read our review!) and King Parrot (Read our review!).

Acephalix: Decreation (20 Buck Spin) – Buy
Archspire: Relentless Mutation (Season of Mist) – Buy
Bionatops: Voices (Nefarious Industries) – Buy
Canker: Earthquake (Xtreem Music) – Buy
Cradle of Filth: Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness of Decay (Nuclear Blast Records) – Buy
Daydream XI: The Circus of the Tattered and Torn (Sensory Records) – Buy
Dead Is Dead: Constraints of Time (Triple Eye Industries) – Buy
Dead Medusa: Riff City (Independent) – Buy
Diablo BLVD: Zero Hour (Nuclear Blast/Metalville) – Buy
Faces of the Bog: Ego Death (DHU Records) – Buy
Frozen Ocean: Transience (Independent) – Buy
Gridfailure: I Shall Not Survive Another Winter (Independent) – Buy
Implore: Subjugate (Century Media Records) – Buy
John Steven Morgan: Solo Piano Works (Dark Martha Records) – Buy
King Parrot: Ugly Produce (Housecore Records) – Buy
Maharaja: Kali Yuga (Independent) – Buy
Nibiru: Qaal Babalon (Argonauta Records) – Buy
Otherwise: Sleeping Lions (Century Media Records) – Buy
Overdose Support: Try Dying (Kaos Kontrol) – Buy
Overoth: The Forgotten Tome (Hostile Media) – Buy
Process of Guilt: Black Earth (Bleak Recordings/Division Records) – Buy
Sinicle: Angels & Demons (Independent) – Buy
Skein: Deadweight (Inverse Records) – Buy
The Flying Eyes: Burning of the Season (Ripple Music) – Buy
The Living: The Living (Independent) – Buy
Ufommamut: 8 (Neurot Recordings) – Buy
With the Dead: Love From With the Dead (Rise Above Records) – Buy
WORWs: Truth to Power (Independent) – Buy

Tombstalker: Chaotic Devotion (Boris Records) – Buy

Ancst/King Apathy: Split (Supreme Chaos Records) – Buy
Heavy Traffic/The Mad Doctors: Split (Twin Earth Records/King Pizza Records) – Buy

Today is the Day: In the Eyes of God (The End Records) – Buy