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Hot And Heavy: Week Of October 12, 2018

Hot and Heavy features this week's new metal albums. Read our Picks for the Pit which highlights the must-have albums being released each Friday.

Hot And Heavy: Week Of October 12, 2018

We are proud to re-introduce a recurring post for SkullsNBones entitled Hot and Heavy. Published each Friday, we will update readers on the metal releases hitting stores, both brick-and-morter and online, each week. As a bonus, we are going to highlight our must-haves from the week, which we are calling “Picks for the Pit,” including our take on why these releases need to be played loudly!

Keep up-to-speed on metal’s newest releases with Hot and Heavy!

Picks for the Pit

Beyond Creation: Algorythm (Season of Mist)Beyond Creation - Algorythm - Cover

Montreal’s Beyond Creation are back with another mind-bending technical death metal album. Algorythm is an intense workout, from the epic grandeur of the opening “Disenthrall” to whirlwind of speedy riffs and blast beats on the album-closing “The Afterlife.” Buy it here!

CHTHONIC - Battlefields of Asura - CoverChthonic: Battlefields of Asura (Independent)

It has been five years since Taiwan’s Chthonic have released an album, and Battlefields of Asura  is a true return to form. Boasting technical prowess, innovative compositions, and featuring Hong Kong’s Denise Ho on vocals, it is a beast. The lyrical themes center around Taiwanese immortals. Buy it here!

Terrorizer - Caustic Attach - CoverTerrorizer: Caustic Attack (The End Records)

The grindcore kings in Terrorizer are re-invigorated with drummer Pete Sandoval back in good health. Caustic Attack is 14 tracks full of speed and aggression. Featuring Sandoval, Lee Harrison and Sam Molina, Terrorizer create a maelstrom of sound powered by signature blast beats. Buy it here!

This Week’s New Releases

Atreyu: In Our Wake (Spinefarm Records)
City of Thieves: Beast Reality (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Deadbird: III-The Forest Within The Tree (20 Buck Spin)
Drift Into Black: Dead Suns Under the Forever Moon (Independent)
DungeönHammer: Infernal Moon (Me Saco Un Ojo)
Gama Bomb: Speed Between The Lines (AFM Records)
Gathering Darkness: The Inexorable End (Independent)
Helsott: Slaves and Gods (M-Theory Audio)
Impellitteri: The Nature of the Beast (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
Iskandr: Euprosopon (Eisenwald)
Luicidal: Born in Venice (Cleopatra Records)
Mycelia :Apex (Eclipse Records)
Northern Crown: Northern Crown (Independent)
Outer Heaven: Realms of Eternal Decay (Relapse Records)
Road Warrior: Power (Gates of Hell Records)
Rodent Epoch: Rodentlord (Saturnal Records)
Set and Setting: Tabula Rasa (Pelagic Records)
Seventh Wonder: Tiara (Frontiers s.r.l.)
Skalmold: Sorgir (Napalm Records)
Solar Temple: Fertile Descent (Eisenwald
The Odious Construct: Shrine of the Obscene (The Artisan Era)
Valkyria: Tierra Hostil (Fighter Records)
Vanhelgd :Deimos Sanktuarium Dark (Descent Records)

EPs and Splits
Fluisteraars / Turia: De Oord (Eisenwald)

Gutwrench: The Art of Mutilation (vicrecords)
Outrage: Demo(n)s 1985 (vicrecords)

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