Hot And Heavy: Week Ending February 22, 2019

Today marks a big one for new metal releases. With Hot and Heavy, we highlight these releases. Review the list, watch a couple of videos, and hit up your local record store to stock up on some metal!

Abyssic: High The Memory (Osmose Productions)
Aenimus: Dreamcatcher (Nuclear Blast Entertainment)
Basilysk: Emergence (Independent)
Bellrope: You Must Relax (Exile on Mainstream)
Booze Control: Forgotten Lands (Gates of Hell Records)
Brick By Brick: Hive Mentality (Upstate Records)
Candlemass: The Door to Doom (Napalm Records)
Cil City: Jump off the Cliff (GIFD Records / Preiser Records)
Cold Colours: Northernmost (Independent)
Continuum: Designed Obsolescence (Unique Leader Records)
Dead Witches: The Final Exorcism (Heavy Psych Sounds)
Death Tribe: Beyond Pain And Pleasure: A Desert Experiment (Independent)
Delain: Hunter’s Moon (Napalm Records)
Ewigkeit: DISClose (Death to Music)
Exitwounds: Visions (SharpTone Records)
Feral Light: Fear Rides a Shadow (Pulverised Records)
Gatekeeper: Grey Maiden (Cruz del Sur Records)
Ghost Iris: Apple Of Discord (Longbranch Records)
Grass: Fresh Grass (Independent)
Harmdaud: Skärvor (Art Gates Records)
Last In Line: II (Frontiers Music s.r.l)
Miscarriage: Imminent Horror (Sentient Ruin)
Oculum Dei: Dreams of Desire and Torment (Independent)
Opprobrium: The Fallen Entities (High Roller Records)
Overkill: The Wings of War (Nuclear Blast Records)
Pernicion: Seek What They Sought (Osmose Productions)
Porn: The Darkest of Human Desires – Act II (Les Disques Rubicon/Echozone)
Pounder: Uncivilized (Hells Headbangers)
Prion: Aberrant Calamity (Comatose Music)
Sanhedrin: The Poisoner (Cruz del Sur Records)
Spirits of Fire: Spirits of Fire (Frontiers Music s.r.l.)
The Moth Gatherer: Esoteric Oppression (Agonia Records)
Traveler: Traveler (Gates of Hell Records)
Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost (Soulseller Records)
Vulcanodon Phazer: Cretaceous Skull (Bud Metal Records)
Visions of Atlantis: The Deep & the Dark Live at Symphonic Metal Nights (Napalm Records)
Walls of Blood: Imperium (Metalville Records)
Werian: Animist (Eisenwald)
Witchers Creed: Awakened From The Tomb… (Ripple Music)
Wolf Counsel: Destination Void (Endless Winter)
Wretched Fate: Fleshletting (Redefining Darkness Records)

Nomenclature: Diablerie 888 EP (Nuclear War Now! Productions)
Primitive Man/Hell Split: Primitive Man/Hell Split (Translation Loss Records)

We Deliver!

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