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The mighty Holy Grail came through Brooklyn this week and left the Knitting Factory in pieces! Fresh off of the release of their latest album, “Ride The Void,” they set out on this headlining tour with one thing in mind, and that’s to bring true heavy metal to the fans! As the first note hit, you could tell that this show was going to be something special. Somehow between all the headbanging and thrashing on stage, they played each track flawlessly! I’m still trying to comprehend the dual solos I witnessed! On stage the band’s energy was out of this world and it carried into the pit! Whether you were a member of the band or in the crowd, you were not standing still at all during their set! It was unbelievable!

As for the set list, it was exactly what everyone wanted hear! They played the fan’s favorites from their previous releases, but obviously focused more on the new material! As for the “Ride The Void” songs, they sounded even better than they do on the album! It’s a rare thing to see nowadays, but Holy Grail played every note perfectly! I’ve seen them before, but this show was the band at a whole new level! Check out footage of them playing the title track below for more proof!

The moment that no fan will forget from this set was the final song of the night! James told the crowd he wanted them on stage, and right as the first note of “Fight To Kill” hit, fans went into action! There were stage divers all night long, but they weren’t leaving the stage during this song and it was a surreal moment! Not many bands allow fans on stage anymore, so to see Holy Grail allow it gained them even more respect in my mind! It was a true metal family on stage and a beautiful sight to see!

So what am I getting at here? Holy Grail completely blew my mind in Brooklyn! You can tell by one listen to “Ride The Void” that they are taken their sound to new level, but to see there show taken to another level was beyond impressive! Somehow they are faster, somehow the solos sound better, somehow James became one of the best front man, and my love for this band has grown immensely! Do yourself a favor and catch these guys live in your town! It’s a true heavy metal show in it’s purest form! Enjoy the chaotic ending to the show below! m/

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