Hogan’s Goat: “Hogan’s Goat” Album Review


Hogan’s Goat: “Hogan’s Goat” Album Review

Well, brother Jamie Lee has dropped another killer album in my inbox this week. Prepare to get blown by the Goat! Hogan’s Goat, that is, out of Nashville, Tennessee. With the release of their self-titled debut, if the stars and planets align correctly, these boys will get a shot at the big league.

If I could compare this album to anything, I would have to go with the new Rex Brown record, Smoke On This. It is bluesy hard rock with a street edge and a backwoods sensibility. Hogan’s Goat are one of those bands I would kill to see play four sets of originals and covers in a smokey local bar every chance I could get. The Goat is this amazing incestuous demon spawn of a band that is part Lynyrd Skynyrd, part Guns ‘N Roses, part Blackberry Smoke, and part Motown soul.

Vocalist John Salmon has a voice that was made for songs like this. He has just the right amount of control and whiskey gravel. The double guitar attack of Thomas Banks and Donovan Bettisse are the fuel that runs this band, and laying down a rock-steady foundation for the riffs are drummer Wayne Michel and bassist Aaron Stoner.

Where to begin on the songs themselves. “Shit Kicker” is the best song Marilyn Manson never wrote. A personal favorite, “Annie Off The Rails” is a toe-tapping, catchy little tune with a cool funk/groove breakdown in the middle that is very cool. The lead off track, “Rat Boy,” lets you know immediately what you are in store for this album.

I haven’t listened to an album on repeat like this since the first Scorpion Child album, and we all know how I feel about them. With the release of this album, the world is going to get the Goat, and it will be a better place because of it. Hogan’s Goat. Calling them now as one of the best mew bands of 2017.

Hogan’s Goat is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

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