Oh, His Infernal Majesty, the Michael Bolton of Scandinavian metal, we meet again.


Sometimes, you gotta give a person shit for listening to HIM, just like you do for people who listen to Five Finger Death Punch or Nickelback, even though HIM seems to offend metalheads less than either of those two. Obviously, all of the above did something right for some audience at some point in time. Are you sure you didn’t start hating Nickelback just because your mom started liking them, too?

That’s the risk that HIM runs, but I think they’re sort of into it. “Your mother?” they ask in their Finnish accents with one lascivious eyebrow raised each. “Please, send her right over.” They then proceed to seduce your mom with mysterious love runes in scandalous business such as this:

Those vile brutes.

From the press release:

Now available this week via MerchNow (for U.S./Canada residents only) is a super limited import run of the Tears On Tape U.K. Metal Hammer fanpack that includes the eighth studio album from the Finnish love metal icons, a 132-page magazine edited by frontman Ville Valo himself, a giant, double-sided door-sized poster, and two exclusive bonus tracks.

The collectors magazine includes exclusive interviews with Ville Valo and all members of HIM, an extended track-by-track guide to “Tears On Tape,” an interview with the architect´s behind the sound of love metal Hiili Hiilesmaa and Tim Palmer, a detailed guide to HIM’s extensive back catalogue, the true, exclusive story of the Heartagram, an exclusive gallery from the band’s own private collections, and the band themselves will interview an assortment of their own heroes.

Ladies and gentlemen, lock up your mothers.

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