High On Fire: “Luminiferous” Album Review By Jamie Lee!


High On Fire: “Luminiferous” Album Review By Jamie Lee!


If there are two words that unequivocally define the sound of High On Fire’s Luminiferous they are “The Cave.” Emerging three-quarters of the way through their first album since 2012’s De Vermis Mysteriis, the seven-plus-minute epic cuts them loose from their stoner roots and sends them soaring into the desert sky.

Even though “The Cave” epitomizes High on Fire 2015, Luminiferous is, overall, an impressive set that could give Rhonda Rousey pause with the frequency and intensity of its punches. “The Black Plot,” the gnashing album opener, is rabid with riffs and frontman Matt Pike’s focused howl; “The Sunless Years” pulses with a fiery persistence; and the “The Falconist” plods with a fuzzed-out gait, Mastodon-like chorus, and parting line, “Woman, woman hear me, death has come to pray/Father, father hear me, the tomb is where I lay.”

High on Fire would be silly to abandon their trademark sound, and they certainly don’t on Luminiferous. Instead, they live up to their name yet again with their best album in years.

Luminiferous is out June 16 on eOne Music. Pre-order it here!

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