Hemotoxin: “Restructure The Molded Mind” Album Review


Hemotoxin: “Restructure The Molded Mind” Album Review

As soon as I put on Restructure the Molded Mind by Hemotoxin, I knew I was gonna love it. They have a sound comparable to bands like Arsis or Revocation, but they bring classic bay area thrash into that mix. This is their third album, and not only does it have noticeably better production than their previous releases, it also has the most impressive art in their discography.

There seriously isn’t a single point on this album where I felt bored. The instrumentation in each song is incredibly impressive, and there’s a perfect mix of those fast, riffy, blast-beated sections and some slower heavier sections. A good example of this is the song is “Legions of Alienation.”

It’s really hard to pick a favorite song here because each one has stand out moments and are worth coming back to as much as the next. I find myself coming back to “Execution” and “Automation” the most. “Execution” starts with a clean guitar intro which quickly turns into a killer solo with the other instruments joining in and blasts into the rest of the song, and “Automation” has a really sick riff that keeps getting stuck in my head. Each song on this album has stand out moments for every instrument, whether it be an insane solo or just a really interesting bass part or drum fill, it all seems to fit together flawlessly.

A majority of the lyrics on the album seem to be about the elimination of mankind. With the line “Take their life with yours” on “Acrimony,” and lyrics like “bodies left piles stacking higher” and “No one strong enough to stop him, no one is safe, you’ll never see your horrid fate” on “Corrupted Flesh.”

Hemotoxin are a band that I could definitely see getting a lot of traction from Restructure the Molded Mind, and hopefully they do because it is well deserved.

Restructure the Molded Mind is out now on Unspeakable Axe Records. Buy it here!

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