Back in 2007 Eddy Moretti and Suroosh Alvi released the powerful documentary, “Heavy Metal In Baghdad,” which followed Acrassicauda in their pursuit of playing heavy metal while the world was seemingly falling apart around them in Iraq(you can watch it below). You got to see their passion for the music, while also seeing the devastation of the war in their town, and it’s one of the most moving documentaries I’ve ever seen. Even with their rehearsal studio being blown up, they still pushed forward in their mission of playing our music for as many people as possible. Due to the growing violence around them at the time, the members went to Syria and then Turkey, before being granted refugee status in the United States of America, where they still reside today. Since they’ve moved, they’ve taken full advantage of their time here in writing new music, and now it’s our time to help them out!

Acrassicauda released the “Only the Dead See the End of the War” EP back in 2010, but now they have their sights on a full length album! They’ve created a Kickstarter campaign in order to raise money for the record, and you can check out the promo video for it below! This band is one of the best examples of the passion that heavy metal fans and bands have, so let’s help them out! Any little bit helps to getting their music out there!

Donate To Their Kickstarter Campaign Right Here!


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