Helloween: “My God Given Right” Album Review by Jason Z!

Wow, now I feel old. Helloween are celebrating 30 years together and are releasing their fifteenth album, My God Given Right, in June. It seems it was just yesterday that we were blasting The Keeper of Seven Keys on cassette.  It was the beginning of power/speed metal, and it was new and fresh. I still listen to Walls of Jericho and the two Keeper of Seven Keys albums fairly often, and they sound just as good today as they did back then.

My God Given Right starts off with the blistering track “Heroes.” It is Helloween at their finest. “Battle’s Won” continues in this fashion, too. The title track is more melodic, although it is where the album starts to wander. The songs seem to blend together and sound a lot alike. “Stay Crazy” is just plain weird, with lyrics like “I want to stay crazy, As fresh as a daisy” that  just don’t fit well. It’s like they are trying to take some ridiculous ’80s glam and add their power metal element to it. “Lost In America” delivers the same crap. “Russian Roule” is much better, and it’s riffy and much heavier. “The Swing of a Fallen World” has an ominous overtone, and it is my favorite here. “Like Everybody Else” is a shitty ’80s sounding ballad, which I don’t get, and the songwriting is all over the board here on out. You have “You, Still of War, an epic power metal song and the utterly ridiculous “If God Loves Rock ‘n’ Roll” … really?

Sorry, I really wanted to love this album, but the corny songwriting leaves me utterly confused. There are a few shining stars on My God Given Right, but they are overshadowed by the bad apples that are rotting.

My God Given Right is out May 29 on Nuclear Blast Records. Pre-order it here!

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