HellgardeN: “Making Noise, Living Faster” Album Review


HellgardeN: “Making Noise, Living Faster” Album Review

HellgardeN are a brazillian thrash and groove metal band who play the music that they’re clearly passionate about with a goal to create some real thrash. The title of their upcoming album, Making Noise, Living Fast, makes that goal really clear.

When I said that they play the music they’re clearly passionate about, I mean that they seriously seem to emulate the bands that they’re influenced by. The Pantera influence on this album is impossible to miss, everything from the vocals to just how everything is structured. The song “Fuck the Consequences” even starts the same way as Pantera’s “Fucking Hostile,” and in my opinion, sounds pretty similar even after that.

Making Noise, Living Fast is overall a very impressive album in some respects, but it lacks in terms of originality in the song writing which is unfortunate because you can tell that these guys are really talented musicians. All of the instruments work extremely well together and there are some really impressive parts in each respectively, and since my comparison to Pantera is so strong they clearly know what they want to do and how to do it. There isn’t a dragging part on this album with each song having a sick riff, chugging breakdown or shredding solo that keeps the album interesting.

The only really big issue is that these songs don’t sound very original. While all of the instruments sound great and fit well together, they do so well because of the emulation of Pantera’s sound. Despite that sound being iconic and amazing, it’s theirs and I’d rather hear it from Pantera instead of someone else.

HellgardeN have a lot of potential for future albums because they can clearly play damn well. “Evolution or destruction” and “Spit on hypocrisy” are songs I’ll definitely be revisiting. I just hope they can really forge their own sound better with time.

Making Noise, Living Fast is out April 10 on Brutal Records. Pre-order it here!

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