Helleborus: "The Carnal Sabbath" Album Review By King Rhino

If you ever find yourself in a dank, dark dungeon chained to a stone altar about to have your heart cut out as a sacrifice to some Cthulhu-looking demigod by a coven of robed devil worshipers, there’s a pretty good chance that the new album from Helleborus, The Carnal Sabbath, will be blasting in the background. Because if there was an album produced to be the soundtrack to a good old fashioned Satanic disemboweling ceremony, this would be that record.

Helleborus is a family affair comprised of the Houseman brothers, Wyatt and Jerred, formerly of the Execration. For a band made up of only two people, Helleborus carries quite a punch and The Carnal Sabbath shows that this musical incarnation could have quite a future ahead of them. The production is rock solid and the songwriting is spot on black metal at it’s finest.

Check out the tracks “Coils.” “Colored Spores of Yuggoth” and “Helleborus Black,” and chances are you’ll want to hear more from these magnificent bastards as much as this reviewer does.

The Carnal Sabbath is out now on Black Plague Records. Buy it here!

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