hell bent: “hell bent” EP Review

Rhode Island, being a mere speck of dirt on the United States map, has quite a metal scene going on with local artists who desperately try to keep its small venues alive. Not to be underestimated, my little home state has some very talented musicians on the scene.

hell bent are a Rhode Island-based thrash band with current and past members of Dropdead, Ulcer, Paindriver, Straight to Hell, and Neon Bitches. The musicians are Badger (vocals), Brian (drums), John (guitar) , Sam (bass) and Shawn (guitar).

Their six-song EP is nothing short of ferocious, and opening track “Yeast” packs an immediate aural attack. “Desert Death Lord” has a kick-ass intro and boasts harsh, throaty vocals and unrelenting speed. If you listen while driving you may become bedeviled with road rage. The sound production is simple and raw and perhaps a bit archaic for these days, but the tracks deliver that old school speed/thrash metal sound with elements of hardcore.

hell bent provide just the right dose of brutality for a short and to the point EP.

hell bent‘s EP is independently released and out now. Buy it here!

hell bent - promo photo - 2018

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