Oh, got damn! Out of Philly comes the philthy, bluesy, trippy, doomy, stonery sounds of the new album Chassit by Heavy Temple. So up King Rhino’s musical alley it’s making my nipples hard enough to dial the phone with ’em! Fuck me running, I love music like this.

For just a three-piece, Heavy Temple lay down a sonic foundation of fuzz and feedback. I love an album that can smell like beer, axle grease, and sex while you’re listening to it. And, what can you say about High Priestess Nighthawk on bass and vocals? Wow. There is nothing sexier than a woman that plays music like this.

Heavy Temple. Chassit. A definite must-hear in your immediate future.

Chassit is out now on Van Records/Tridroid Records. Buy it here!


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