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Ladies and gentlemen, He Is Legend are fucking back!

Good rawk’n’roll took a hit when they announced their hiatus after 2009’s It Hates You, but here we are, five years later, with Heavy Fruit, a record that will make you shit. Figuratively, of course. It’s difficult to express how badly this record needs to be heard.

Schuyler Croom never needs to scream; his voice is a insane mix of Neil Fallon, Troy Sanders and Keith Buckley, all with a little more twang than normally heard in southern metalcore (I’m hesitant to call HIL this, but it fits). Don’t let that tag fool you, though. This is quality music. Every song is heavy, if not in volume than in mood. “I Sleep Just Fine” or “Something, Something, Something Witchy” wouldn’t be out of place on a recent Deftones record with the inherently romantic undercurrents, the riffs in “Be Easy” are composed of nothing but stank and swill, and then there’s the title track’s drop-tuned melodies coming off as the heaviest Soundgarden song to never be released. Not one spin of this record comes off as boring, and that is becoming harder and harder to do.

Heavy Fruit is absolutely worth the wait. Give He Is Legend your money. You must own this record.

 Heavy Fruit is out now on Tragic Hero Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars