OK, this album is badasse! Loch Ness Rising from Haxxan is everything that’s great about black/death metal, goddamn it! Dark, creepy, scary, and it kicks major buttock from beginning to end!

Fronted by Killjoy DeSade, formerly of Necrophagia, Haxxan‘s Loch Ness Rising is basically a concept album based on practitioner of the dark arts Aleister Crowley (Yes, that ‘Mr. Crowley’ in the Ozzy Osbourne song), and the songs convey a something that sounds like it’s from classic Mercyful Fate or Celtic Frost. This record should come with a warning sticker: Playing this album may cause demons to arise from the netherworld and sodomize your mother.

I totally cannot get enough of this Haxxan and am keeping this bitch on the turntable pretty consistently for awhile.

Loch Ness Rising is out February 17 on Hells Headbangers. Pre-order it here!


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