Haunt: “Burst Into Flame” Album Review


Haunt: “Burst Into Flame” Album Review

OK, boys and girls, King Rhino has a scorcher of an album for you! American band, Haunt, and their new LP, Burst Into Flame, have everything any headbanger worth his or her salt is looking for in a record.

Haunt is the brainchild of Trevor William Church, who just so happens to be the child of William “The Electric” Church (Montrose/Sammy Hagar). Yeah. You grow up in a household where your dad played bass for the Red Rocker and Montrose, you’re gonna pick up a few tricks of the trade along the way. Burst Into Flame could have come out at the peak of NWOBHM and fit right in. The Iron Maiden-influence is incredible and spot on. Vocals and guitarwork are so good it’s giving me goosebumps as I listen to it. These nine tracks clock in at a tight 38 minutes, but wow, what an incredible 38-minute ride it takes you on!

Fingers crossed these guys get picked up to tour and open for a big name because they definitely deserve to be heard by a wide audience all over the world. Fave tracks would have to be “Frozen In Time,” “Looking Glass,” and the title track.

Burst Into Flame is out August 10 on Shadow Kingdom Records. Pre-order it here!

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