Hate: “Tremendum” Album Review

Blackened death metal stalwarts Hate are raising the bar with their new release, Tremendum. The album takes their vicious mixture of styles to a level they have never been able to reach before. In fact, I honestly think that this may be their best release ever!

Although frontman Adam Buszko (ATF Sinner) is the only original member of the band, his ability to grow the band’s sound despite multiple lineup changes and the death of his bandmate, Mortifier, is absolutely stellar! You can feel the anguish in the vocals, music and lyrics. The production is nearly flawless, which is saying something for a band so deeply rooted in black metal. I think the days of tossing Hate aside as clones of their fellow countrymen Behemoth are over. Let the reign of Hate burn!

“Asuric Being” starts the album with a trance-inducing war march, then bludgeons you with blast beats and vocals so guttural and deep they must come straight from hell! The song lives and breathes, going through mood changes along with time changes. “Indestructible Pillar” has a more straightforward, familiar Hate aura. “Svarog’s Mountain” is a brooding monster of a song. It is melodic and evil. “Numinosum” is where the songwriting and structure really shine through, and all parts fit together in perfection. “Into Burning Gehenna” returns to a more traditional, blackened, blast-beat formula, and it is the most brutal song here. It’s huge and will be a killer addition to their live set.

Hate easily have their best and most consistent studio release to date with Tremendum, if not one of the best releases of 2017.

Tremendum is out now on Napalm Records. Buy it here!

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