Hate: “Crusade: Zero” Review by Jason Zins!

Polish death metal is not for the faint of heart. The boys in Hate take their music seriously and leave nothing to be desired on their newest release, Crusade: Zero. Coming from Poland has its challenges, though, particularly in the obligatory comparisons to Behemoth. Given these comparisons, this album comes across a bit corny. Vocalist ATF Sinner reigns supreme in his brutality, but the lyrics just don’t quite hit the mark on songs like “Hate is the Law” and “Doomsday Celebrities.”

Don’t get me wrong, though, Crusade: Zero is the epitome of what death metal should sound like, sans the aforementioned lyrics. Hate have been doing this for 25-plus years now, and they have perfected their craft. “Death Liberator” is pure fucking armageddon, and the mix of brutality and melody is killer. “Valley of Darkness” injects a groove that is impossible to ignore, and it is my favorite here. It’s haunting and vicious. The title track is also chilling.

Hate aren’t doing anything new or blurring the lines between genres here, but they are creating a hell of a mix of death and black metal. They have a penchant for creating brutal music, and you won’t regret giving this album a listen!

Crusade: Zero is out February 10 on Napalm Records.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Hate - Crusade Zero

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