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Hatchet: “Fear Beyond Lunacy” Album Review by Jason Z!

Hatchet: "Fear Beyond Lunacy" Album Review by Jason Z!

Hatchet: “Fear Beyond Lunacy” Album Review by Jason Z!

The re-thrash scene has been building over the last few years. Bands like Warbringer, Havok and Evile top the heap here and really do the scene justice. It’s great to hear younger bands that were influenced by my generation’s bands, and Hatchet are clawing their way to the top here too. They offer a mix of thrash and NWOBHM very similar to Havok, but the vocals completely separate the two bands. Singer Julz Ramos has a tinge of familiarity to his sound, like a cross between Exodus’ Paul Baloff and Steve “Zetro” Sousa. His vocals are razor sharp and always on front of the mix here. He has phenomenal ability.

“Living In Extinction” is a lesson in thrash with its Exodus and Death Angel vibe. The guitar harmonies are cool and the gang-style backing vocals really bring an awesome feel. “Lethal Injustice” gallops along at a frantic pace, and it has enough guitar hooks for an entire album! “In Fear We Trust” brings a more melodic feel, and Ramos’ vocals are spot on. “Killing Indulgence” is full of razor-sharp, Slayer-esque riffs. It’s dark and pummeling. “Dead and Gone” is straight forward thrash, once again featuring awesome gang style vocals to compliment Ramos’ throaty snarls. “Tearing Into Hell” has a power metal element to it, and the screaming guitars really make the song.

Hatchet are tight and well-rounded, and they lay down some serious thrash on Fear Beyond Lunacy. Their ability to sound modern while harnessing the power of ’80s thrash is brilliant!

Fear Beyond Lunacy is out October 30 on The End Records. Pre-order it here!

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