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Harm’s Way: “Posthuman” Album Review


Harm’s Way: “Posthuman” Album Review

Harm’s Way make an impact statement with Posthuman, their first album for Metal Blade Records. The Chicago-based hardcore band continue to develop their unique, melodic industrial-influenced hardcore with 10 tracks of intense aggression.

The theme of Posthuman centers around the world that remains after the human race has finished with it. Drummer Chris Mills states that it “… pulls from ideas of transcendence, progression, and resilience, and it’s very much a push back on traditional ideas of the self and self-actualization.” James Pligge‘s raw vocals illustrate the all-too-common overproduction and overconsumption that humans have inflicted on the environment, and the serious consequences that come as a result.

The first riff on the opening track, “Human Carrying Capacity,” is a precursor of what is to come – a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart, holding nothing back. “Become a Machine” perfectly sums up today’s society where so many people have become reliant on technology to get through the basics of everyday life and this reliance may not be a good thing. The chorus of “Obey the cycle, Become a machine” questions whether humans or technology are really in control. “Call My Name” slows the tempo but doesn’t hold back on the heaviness and intensity. This track demonstrates some industrial percussion that Harm’s Way like to mix in from time to time. The album concludes with “Dead Space,” an introspective examination of why humans experience such emotions as pain, suffering, and trauma, if, at the end of their lives, they pass into nothing. It’s a middle finger to the idea that humanity serves a great purpose on this planet.

Harm’s Way hold nothing back in this career-defining release. Given today’s current state of world affairs, deliver a message that needs to be heard. The band has a bright future path waiting ahead of them, one that are expected to tread with extreme dedication and intensity.

Posthuman is out February 9 on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!